Zainab Damji was a courageous person who never gave up on her dreams of seeing her children receive education, and making it possible for others to do so. She served her community through times of greatest need and led with conviction. This scholarship was established by family and friends to honor her dream of keeping service and scholarship tied together through the courageous act of teaching. Her absence is still felt by many, but her dream lives on through those whose lives she has touched all over the world.

The Zainab Damji Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship for an undergraduate student who is either a junior or senior attending a public or private university in the United States, has above a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, wishes to pursue a career in some form of education, and who has demonstrated leadership, service and courage. Each year the scholarship fund awards $1000 in scholarships to students with the above qualities. Past recipients have gone on to exceptional graduate school and professional accomplishments. The deadline for the scholarship application for 2016 is March 25, 2016.

Those interested in contributing to the Zainab Damji Memorial Fund should contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at UMBC (, as they are responsible for administering the Fund. Any and all contributions are welcome.

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